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Meet The Modern Day Superwoman: Sabah Ali

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After quite the search we've finally found the one person worthy of being our first Up and Coming Superstar! We'd like to introduce you all to Sabah Ali, the most badass young woman you'll ever hear of. Still in college she's already a best selling author who's started a great movement for women, among quite a few other achievements. So without further ado, here's her interview:

Why don't you tell us a little bit about yourself and what you do
- I am the Founder of Unforgettable by Sabah, a movement to inspire other women in the industry who are aspiring to become a better version of themselves.I am also an Instagram strategist, the World's First Person to document their senior year in college by doing a daily Facebook live, #1 Best-Selling Author on Amazon of the book, Enrolling in Confidence: How to Live the Lifestyle You Want in College, speaker, blogger, and most of all a college student at Iowa State University.

Wow! You're one well rounded individual, can you tell us a bit about Unforgettable by Sabah, your book, and what it was like doing a daily Facebook live?
-Unforgettable by Sabah is a movement that inspires women in the industry to challenge them in becoming a better version of themselves every day. Our mission is to bring together badass women and elevate them to not only go after their dreams and goals, but to feel confident taking those steps.
We believe everyone has a gift to aspire to become something greater than what they are currently doing. Everyone has a unique story to share with the world and we want to help others grow their empires while creating a positive change.
For my book! I wrote it about my college journey and principles I use on a daily basis to be a typical college student but then be very career driven in my field of entrepreneurship! So inspire other college students to find their passion.
Lastly for my Facebook lives (still currently doing them up until graduation) I'm on day 198 and I'm document my senior year of college to show people the journey.. highs lows successes and failures of what it takes to be a student and entrepreneur

Damn! Your movement is definitely one that's needed, especially now with the things that have been happening and women making a stand for themselves. What gave you the idea to start Unforgettable By Sabah? And how has it changed your life thus far? As for your book and Facebook lives how have they been received? Typically when people think of the entrepreneurial journey they glamorize it and thus ignore the lows and small failures so how do they feel about you showing all of that?
-The idea pretty much started with female entrepreneurs not getting enough spotlight because there are a lot of female entrepreneurs out there that don't get enough credibility as they should be getting!
And they both have been received in a positive way, I've had numerous people reach out to let me know that they love how transparent my lives are! Because yes you are right.. the outside world thinks it's all glamour but at the end of the day it's a struggle sometimes and I want to show that to other people!

Well shoutout to all the female entrepreneurs out there hustling away! And it's great that you're showing the good and bad because most people wouldn't have the courage to.
So can you tell us what's next for you? Any special plans, upcoming events, or milestones?

-After graduation this upcoming May I plan to launch an Unforgettable Tour where I travel across the country and go speak and put on workshops at different high schools, universities, and colleges to share my journey and teach students about the power of starting early!

Amazing, you're definitely a great role model for all the young people out there trying to figure life out. We're a tad bit envious of all the people that'll get to hear you speak and learn from you! So before we wrap this up, what advice can you give for all the people out there who aren't sure what they want to do or how to go about life?
-The main advice I want to give is surround yourself with people that you want to become. Finding mentors, attending conferences, and gaining that mindset that pushes you outside of what you think you are capable of doing. I do my best when I am around my mentors and other like minded individuals who are also working on their own goals, your network is your net worth!


Super thanks to Sabah for agreeing to the interview and being such an inspiration, she's definitely a young lady to keep your eye on as she continues her journey! Checkout her website here: sabahali.com

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